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Using Blogs for Lead Generation  

Did you know that businesses who publish blogs on a regular basis get 67% more leads than companies who don’t?[1] Blogs provide content that helps SEO, email campaigns, and social media posts achieve higher engagement and click-throughs.

Create a Calendar.

Create a schedule of blog posts in advance. Organize blog topics to support strategic business and communications objectives. Use blogs to entertain and educate prospects with information they’ll find useful.

Be Creative.

Good blogs require time and effort. Focus your copy on information that has value for the reader.

Use Pictures.

Combine photos, charts, and graphics to support the main points of your blog. Incorporate a clear call-to-action to invite a direct response.

Add video.

When you add video content to a blog, web page, or social post, you increase engagement levels. In some studies, people spend more than double the amount of time on pages with video as compared to pages without.[2]




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