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Experience in new product launches makes Triad a go-to resource for clients seeking game-changing outcomes. From simple to complex, we dig deep to define value from the market’s point of view. We offer product name generation, trademark searches, product graphics, key messaging, sales support materials, advertising, PR, and more.

Ulterra. Triad developed an integrated product launch effort to power one of the oil and gas industry’s most successful new product introductions of the year, as evidenced by sales of $10 million within the first six months. The integrated effort included video presentations, digital and magazine advertising, preprinted magazine inserts, direct mail, and featured editorial coverage in leading trade publications.  

Triad B2B Agency is a specialized advertising and public relations agency, with services tailored to meet the unique requirements of the B2B marketer. We provide a full range of marketing services, creating solutions that advance your brand while delivering positive support for your sales efforts.